0.5L Liter Shell Advance 2T Two-Stroke Motorcycle, Scooter Engine Oil Synthetic



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Brand: Shell
Type: Semi Synthetic
Application: 2 Stroke Engine Oils
SAE Viscosity: 2 stroke
Grade: 2 Stroke
Quantity: 1/2 Litre
Full Details:
Synthetic based motorcycle oil – Genuine UK Stock
Shell Advance VSX 2T is suitable for all oil-injection and premix systems. With Dynamic Performance Additive (DPA) Technology, it helps keep your bike’s engine clean and protected for longer.
It also helps give clean combustion while minimising exhaust smoke, helping to stop your bike’s exhaust system from blocking and prolonging your bike’s engine life with no power loss.
What’s more, with its thick lubricant film strength, Shell Advance VSX 2 helps provide excellent protection against metal-to-metal wear.
A unique, semi-synthetic lubricant, Shell Advance 2 motorcycle oil exceeds international specifications and motorcycle manufacturers’ requirements.
Formulation meets:  JASO FC, ISO-L-EGC, API TC;
Excellent engine protection and cleanliness. The formulation is carefully balanced and specifically tested in 2 stroke engines to preventscuffing, ring sticking and deposit formation. The engine life is prolonged and the original performance level maintained.
Superior control against exhaust system blocking. The formulation prevents exhaust system deposits keeping engine performance at the original level.
Minimised exhaust smoke.The high amount and carefully selected polyisobutylenes as carefully balanced components minimise exhaust smoke reducing the environment impact.
Superior engine efficiency and power.The beneficial burning characteristics allow fast adaptation to new driver requirements improving acceleration performances and increasing power output.
Very good self mixing properties. Advance 2 contains a hydrocarbon diluent and it can therefore be used both in oil injection systems fitted to modern 2-stroke motorcycles and in premix systems.
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