Moped & Motorcycle Alarm - Fully Fitted - 12 Month Waranty



£ 38.00

Simple To Use. Remote Supplied, Simply Turn It On With One Button, Off With Another.
Detects Any Movement On The Moped And Sounds A Warning Alarm. If It Continues The Alarm Will Activate And Deter The Would Be Thief.

  • Measures only 75mm x 6mm x 20mm.
  • Current draw of less than 1.4mA!
  • Arm / disarm chirp sound
  • Dual stage shock sensing
  • American micro-chip technology alarm unit
  • 120dB siren
  • 2 x tough carbon fibre effect remote key fobs
  • Random coded remotes prevents duplication
  • Bike locating function
  • 4 stage adjustable sensitivity

Complete the Form and let us know your preferred fitting time. We’ll contact you and confirm your time is available.
You will be required to leave you bike for around an hour.

If you cant get to us, let us come to you. We can fit your alarm at your home or workplace.
Contact us for more information.

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