Heavy Duty Motorbike/Moped Anchor – Fitting Available

Deter the thieving little b%£!&(@$ with this heavy duty anchor.
Sleep easier at night knowing your pride and joy is safe. Don’t get up in the morning and find the transport you need to go to work on has gone.

What’s your excess? £100, £200? What will a new lockset cost? £45 plus fitting?

Our ground Anchor for an introductory period is only £25! (Optional Fitting Available).

The Anchor can be fitted to any solid surface with anchor bolts or let our local fitting service do it for you.

The Anchor can be fitted to House Walls, Garden Walls, Driveways, Paths, Yards, Decking, Inside Garages, Sheds, Anywhere the surface is solid.

The Anchor wont stop the determined thief, but it will stop the opportunist who saw you as an easy target. Anything that slows a thief down or will make a noise removing will deter them.

Once the anchor is fitted simply slip the chain through the anchor and to your Motorbike, Scooter, Moped, Quad, Bicycle. Some Motorbikes and Scooters even come with a chain point on the frame else chain it to the front or rear wheel.

Fitting service available – Call 0191 8104939 for prices.



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