Viron Motors New RTB Vehicle Warranty

All “New” Viron Motors vehicles are sold with a 12 months “Return To Base” parts warranty.

This warranty covers any Viron Motors vehicles purchased from ourselves or elsewhere.

If you purchased a vehicle elsewhere we’ll need your original purchase receipt to make a warranty claim. If a warranty claim is successful, a labour charge at our standard rate will be charged but parts will be supplied by Viron Motors FOC.

If you purchased you vehicle from us and registered your vehicle online we don’t need your purchase receipt to make a warranty claim, if you’ve not registered you need to supply your original receipt for us to make a warranty claim. If a warranty claim is successful a labour charge at our standard rate may be charged but parts will be supplied by Viron Motors FOC.

Viron Motors authorize us to examine the vehicle on their behalf and report the fault to them, they’ll decide if its a warranty repair. We take photos and report the fault by email to them.

Faults caused by miss-use, neglect, modifications or damage will not covered by warranty.

If the repair is a warranty repair the parts will then be supplied free of charge from Viron Motors warehouse in Germany, delivered by dpd. We stock no parts for any Viron Motors Vehicles.

Viron Motors nor ourselves offer free collection or delivery. The warranty is a “Return to Base” warranty”. We can collect and deliver but there will be a charge, charges can be found here.

If the repair is not a warranty repair we can get a cost of the parts from them, labour is charged at at our standard labour rate or you can fit them your self.

We strongly advise that you register your warranty with us for your safety, click here for more info.

Please Note: Warranty’s are not transferable from the original owner.

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