Viron Motors New Vehicle Warranty Registration

Not registering the guarantee has safety implications for you and your vehicle

Always register for a warranty. This ensures you are notified of any vital safety notices affecting your vehicle. If Viron Motors discovers a serious fault, the first thing they do is contact us asking that we let all customers known to have purchased the affected vehicle what the fault is. We do this through our guarantee registration database. If you haven’t registered then you can miss warnings about very dangerous faults leaving yourself or the rider vulnerable to serious risk.

If you register your vehicle with us you wont need your original purchase receipt as we have all your details and bike details. You’ll need to bring ID with you which shows the registered name and address.

We dont share your details with Viron Motors or anyone else. We don’t use your information for any other purpose other than to validate your warranty for safety recalls.

To register your New Vehicle warranty please complete the form below, select “new” for new registrations or you can update your contact info by selecting “update”:

Please Note: Warranty’s are not transferable from the original name on the invoice. Ensure the engine and vin details of the bike match the actual bike.




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