Used Vehicle Warranty

All used vehicles are sold as a “Trade Sale” without warranty. below are the terms of sale which you agree to when making your purchase.

“I the buyer agree that I have examined, tried, tested & approved this vehicle as seen without any representations, warranties or conditions expressed or implied whatsoever & accept it sold as a trade sale as spares or repairs.  No payments or deposits are refundable.”

Before you buy you’re welcome to come and examine, test ride or have a mechanic check over the vehicle (at your expense), take as long as you want. We always try to have a vehicle leave without any declared faults, but these are used vehicles that often come as garage trade ins or from auction. Things can sometimes just go wrong.

If you experience problems with a vehicle after purchase, we don’t offer any warranty as discussed above, there is a large network of motorcycle repairers in the UK who will be more than happy to repair your vehicle for you. Google is a good place to start to find a garage near you.

Most vehicles we sell are eligible to have a Autoguard Warranty. There are two levels of cover. Click here for more details.

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